Special projects

Project #1: The maker movement (2007-2014)

Having noticed a trend for DIY in business and lifestyle, Perri reported on the maker movement for five years for national newspapers and magazines. Despite doing that on top of a 9-5 job, she also wrote a popular blog, Make and Do With Perri, published a non-fiction illustrated book on the topic and been a columnist for two leading lifestyle magazines. Although she retired her sewing machine earlier this year to concentrate on her new project, Mastered, she occasionally comments on the movement for whoever asks.


Examples of her work:

PSYCHOLOGIES // Three page feature on creativity, beauty and the trend for DIY

dec 11 beauty copy



KNITTING MAGAZINE //  Trend report for A/W10

K79_P40-41_Fashion Forecast

Project #2: The wedding (2013-2014)

1000 origami cranes in the country house, 1000 paper hearts around the grounds, a pink dress and a Piers Atkinson headpiece, gents in tweed, glow sticks for raving and lashing of fireworks. Not just another wedding.

Project #3: Video editing (2014 – present)

Perri is currently running a team of editors, directors, producers and shooters. Although she is executive producer of all shoots, writing scripts, casting, sourcing locations and much more, she used to leave editing to her editors. Now, however, she is mastering editing in her spare time and working on several documentary projects.

Project #4: Perri Et Al (2014 – present)

A little site I do on the side. This is what it’s about >> “I’ve done plenty of interesting jobs. I’ve met a lot of interesting people. They’ve taught me a lot of interesting things. This is a place for me to share what I’ve learned, so you can boss life a little bit more.”




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